Since its creation in 1969 by Daniel Soulez Larivière, Soulez Larivière Avocats (SLA) has developed a taste for innovation in the defence of its clients. A criminal law firm operating in all areas of criminal defence, aviation law, Compliance and complex litigation, it has been advising and supporting its clients for over fifty years with the same determination and constant drive to find case-law or new solutions.


SLA has been involved from the outset in iconic, often international, cases (Rainbow Warrior attack, Furiani tragedy, Erika oil spill, AZF factory explosion, CDG Terminal 2E collapse, Air Inter Flight 148 crash, Concorde crash, allegations of “forced labour” in Asia, transnational corruption cases, etc.) requiring the ability to deal with special, complex situations and understand and handle judicial, political or media defence.


SLA’s experience in crisis management and “non-standard” cases is valuable to all its clients, as each case involves unique elements that require active defence and sufficient flexibility to adapt to critical situations.

The firm’s work is driven by strong values, independence, ethics and commitment to serving its clients, accompanied by a constant concern for ethics.